Wednesday, November 09, 2005

IITM - Batch of 95, Alumni Reunion

Yeah! We guys (and gals) are meeting up after 10 long years of sojourn in our own lives. This meeting is the Bay Area edition of the Alumni Reunion, the Chennai / Bangalore edition is still to come :-)

Radish, Kavi, Trauma are the forebearers of the efforts and my visit to the Bay Area is serendipity in disguise so that I could join all the fun.

Radish has created a Wiki here and the program, over a weekend, looks juicy!

If you're from IIT-M batch of 95, dunno about this yet and can possibly join the fun, sign RSVP this Evite.

If you want more info, or would like to volunteer, join the Reunion Yahoogroups.

... Can't wait to meet up with the junta.