Monday, April 18, 2005

Smoothies - Berry Cream smoothie

I've been bitten by the 'Smoothies' bug. Yesterday I made this berry cream smoothie. Here's the recipe:

10 almonds, 20 cranberries, half a glass of milk, 2 scoops of vanilla icecream, a glass of watermelon juice.
Serves 2

Preparation Method:
In a blender, grind the almonds with a little water, to a fine paste. Then add the cranberries and blend both for a minute. Then add the milk and the watermelon juice and then blend it for 2 minutes. Add the scoops of ice cream and whip till it's consistent.

Serving suggestion:
Serve this smoothie with 1 ice cube in each glass, garnished with a cranberry each. Try this out - it's great for the summer!