Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tourism and safety!

The last episode of Powerr Trip, the program in Sahara One where Shobha De has a rendezvous with corporate bigwigs and other celebrities, was an interesting one. The person in question was Ashwini Thakkar, the CEO of Thomas Cook India.

Shobha De's question was,
'How do you improve Tourism in India?'
to which the profound but simple answer Ash had was
'Tourism is about giving confidence to the visitor that (s)he is safe and secure in our country. It's not about fashionable branding and promotions. It's about giving clean sanitation and healthy places to stay, have beggar-less streets, have merchants who do not cheat the foreign visitor. By creating such a comfortable and secure place for visitors, we automatically promote more people to come here. The best marketing tool for tourism is 'Word of Mouth' and that will happen only when the visitor feels safe and comfortable on a visit here'.

Simple things underline most of the frills and bloat that we see...