Friday, December 10, 2004

Link between Zen and Capitalism!

Prathamesh asked me 'What's the connection between Zen and Capitalism'. He's got a nice blog at Zenkatha.

Here's my view on Zen and Capitalism:

Zen says 'The best way to focus on your goal and achieve it, is by not focusing on it all the time'. This means, by looking at the details, the nitty-gritties, the brass tacks, the ropes, what have you, you'll slowly and surely reach your goal.

Now, look at how a state can improve its economic conditions? One of the essential principles of Capitalism is that the state is a provider of security and promotes free market, devoid of state's hand in running the industry. In such a context, by focusing on promoting a safe and fair climate for conducting business within its premises, the state will in turn, create a condition so conducive for industry that the economy will become better on its own!

So, there's the connection between Zen and Capitalism. Thanks prathamesh for asking that question.