Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Good ideas - Dump or Recycle?

I blogged about the usefulness of having segregated garbage and how Chennai Corporation is going to collect only segregated garbage from Dec 4th. Apparently, that's only in some areas where the Onyx Corporation [Onyx is the garbage management arm of the French multinational Vivendi Environment which has interests in water, transportation, communications and energy.] does not collect garbage from. So, despite your efforts to segregate the garbage into decomposable, non-recyclable etc, you may end up putting all the stuff in the same drum!

So, do we dump this idea or recycle it to include even the areas under Onyx's purview. Looking out for resources, I found that all's not great and gung-ho about Onyx and how it's working at cross-purposes with Vivendi, whose off-shoot Onyx actually is.

At the same time, the power of a self-motivated community is there for all to see in some outskirts of Chennai, like Pammal etc where the society itself has risen to the task of maintaining a cleaner locality. Check out this article:How Wasteful can be Wealth?