Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I work at AdventNet, Chennai and blog in AdventNet's public blogs too. Here's my latest as I felt like putting it up on my Pervade blog too.

I'm frankly impressed by the branding exercise of Tata Motors. The name 'Indica' connotes a passion for things Indian. People take a pride in owning a car from their own country. Next, they extend the car to a sedan from hatchback and name it Indigo. Next, they identify that the cars of Indica's size are good ones for taxi / cab type of services. So, they modify the Indica product and change the tail lights etc and rename it Indicab!

Now comes the weekender that's called Indigo Marina! This is an extension of the Indigo Brand itself! So, they have an almost full-blown range of Indica-Indicab and Indigo-Indigo Marina.

Cool work by them.
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