Monday, November 29, 2004

Chennai Corporation to collect only segregated garbage

Come December 4th and the Chennai corporation will only collect segregated garbage. This, I think, is a good initiative. It's important that we citizens too realise the value of having recyclable garbage recycled and non-recyclable garbage segregated. I remember in IIT Madras, we used to have SWARM - Solid Waste Recycling And Management.
A voluntary group working in IIT, Solid Waste Recycling And Management (SWARM) has been trying to reduce the waste to the minimum and keeping the campus clean. [from Information for New Faculty, IIT Chennai]
In Chennai, studies show that of 3,500 tonnes of mixed waste reaching the dumping ground everyday, over 1,200 tonnes is organic which can be composted. That's a significant 35% of the total waste. It's good that the Corporation has declared that it will not remove mixed waste. Are we all listening? Have we started on this already?

Meanwhile, some pertinent questions from my wife:
1. Will Onyx continue to bring a singular vehicle that aggregates the already segregated waste?
2. How will the maid-servants of the houses know where to go and put these two types of garbage?
3. Will the green bins on the road be marked 'recyclable' and 'non-recyclable' henceforth?
4. Most people put recyclable waste into polythene / garbage bags and dump them. Doesn't it reduce the effectiveness of the initiative? How will Corporation solve that problem? Do we have to use bio-degradable bags?

Some food for thought? And this is no waste...