Saturday, November 20, 2004

Change This

I've been following up on the manifestos posted in ChangeThis. I find them particularly interesting and relevant.

The most interesting one I read so far was that of Tom Peters on the truths about offshoring.

He argues for the recognition of basic economic laws that will drive offshoring and outsourcing to the place where one gets the best value for money.

I also read through Joel Spolsky's Strategy Letter 1: Ben and Jerry's vs Amazon. Though outwardly it's edible material, inwardly, one's bound to make differences to one's business in terms of 'land grab' for a certain period of time and a 'slow and steady' in another time.

I think Joel's not taking into account the twin factors of 'Period in Economy' and 'Maturity levels in the industry'. For example, if you're in a Period in Economy where people talk of a 'boom', then, a 'land grab' outlook will do you good. But, if you're in another period where there's no talk of boom and there's talk of consolidation, cost-cutting etc (as is happening in big industries like manufacturing, telecom etc), then you probably have to go 'slow and steady' with reasonable exit barriers.

Also, I argue that when an industry becomes really big - again, like manufacturing or telecom, then it's reasonable to expect that its maturity levels are much higher than, say, a smaller industry like on-demand, web-based enterprise applications that's probably 4 years old and probably 40 times smaller in terms of value.

Overall, ChangeThis is a very good initiative and will help people widen their perspectives on how the world works (or should not work).