Monday, October 18, 2004

Teaching my mom Computers and Blogging

Earlier days, when people were taught computers, they used to be told about how to start, login, stop etc and a little bit of how to write document on MS Word etc. MS Office was the paramount application. But, today, my mom is learning to operate the computer from home. Nisha (my wife, a.k.a. Rajalakshmy) teaches her how to operate. Guess the pecking order of applications taught:
Start -> Dial-up / Connect -> Operate Browser -> Send / Receive / Read Emails -> Blog and post ideas -> Check account balances!

Mom's started blogging too in her own small way - check out I feel with the rich talent she has, she can well expose all this through the internet medium and can create a community where the users can pick her knowledge to sharpen her skills and improve their designing capabilities :-)

Any ideas on how to go about this?