Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sunsilk - sham, pooh!

Couldn't think of anything better for the latest Sunsilk Shampoo Ad.

Have you checked out the rocky, appealing-to-grey-matter, rain-soaked ad that ends with the punchline
'Mein isko shaadi karunga tab jab yeh doctor ban jaati hain'!

I haven't seen a more bekaar ad in years! Every single frame has been so well designed that each tries with the other to stand out on its own. The result is an anthology of the unique compartments in a train of disjoint thought.

In fact, the best part was, with muffled dialogues and the steely grey mountainous background, it took me a few times to understand what the ad was supposed to be. Originally I thought the Sunsilk Shampoo picture shown in the end was a snippet like 'brought to you by Sunsilk'. Only later did I understand that it's part of the ad :-((

Maybe the admen need the product in this case, before their work helps sell more of it!